We Manufacture Precast Concrete Panel:

We are one the leading manufacturer and supplier of Precast Panels.

Precast construction is setting new trends in residential, industrial and commercial purpose worldwide and shows what is architecturally possible in present days. We produce a variety of Fence, Kerbs, Park/ Garden Walls and Compound Walls are specially designed with high-quality, sophisticated facades – the sky is the limit. Moreover, precast constructions are considerably less expensive and, above all, faster to build than conventional construction technology.

Our Production Methods Involve:

Mechanical system for precast concrete panel production.

Stationary solutions for precast concrete production.

Column and Panel moulds for structural precast concrete part moulds.

We offer turnkey intralogistics systems for optimally integrated production processes. Nandhini Concret Walls has more to offer all-round than you would expect.

We do not simply speak; we make things happen and we come out with client satisfaction, above all we seek to provide high plant productivity and efficient processes.

Reduction in ownership cost


Quality Controlled

Easy & Quick Installation

Thermal Insulation

Minimal Disruption Onside

Fire Resistance

Product Customization

Sound Insulation

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Nandhini Concrete Walls is more regardable to our client. We ourselves be with our clients to deliver best. We calculate our workability in client’s success. We provide innovative products to our clients in the construction technology. We are not constrained by the past or interests other than the success of our clients. We ensure fairness in everything we do, and we do not compromise this even for a higher corporate goal.